The Bagel Loan®

How would you like a loan with ZERO FEES? We’re not kidding!

The Bagel Loan® minimum is BACK to $200,000!! Contact us today for info!

Have you been looking to refinance but that small decrease in your monthly payment makes the process not worth the time? It might be time to take another look. The Bagel Loan® is our favorite product, which takes away all closing costs on a loan at or above $200,000. That’s right! It might sound impossible but check out the testimonials from some of our satisfied customers and you’ll see that we mean exactly what we say. There are:
  • NO underwriting fees
  • NO appraisal fees
  • NO title fees
  • NO lender fees
  • NO closing costs
Stuart believes that refinancing should be all about saving you money and getting access to your cash – not worrying about how long it will take to make up for the fees tacked on to the contract.

The Bagel Loan® - what you need to know –

When thinking about refinancing, saving money is your number one goal. You have improved your credit, interest rates in the market have dropped, and now it’s time to save you money by lowering your monthly payment. When working with other banks or mortgage lenders, refinancing can end up being a chore. They will tell you the quarter percent your rate will drop is not worth the time and effort. They will tell you it will take years before you recoup that money and really see any savings. With how The Bagel Loan® is structured, you will begin to see savings immediately. With The Bagel Loan® we have no fees at all! What do we mean by No fees? Well when you go to another mortgage company or bank, they will tell you after they have lowered your interest rate you have to pay them appraisal fees, title fees, and underwriting fees that can amount up to thousand. At Stuart’s American Mortgage we will take care of those for you. So even if your refinance will save you $60 a month, The Bagel Loan® makes it worth your time. Over the life of your mortgage, this will amount to thousands of dollars. This is our number one program because it truly works and saves people money every time. Give us a call and we will explain every aspect of The Bagel Loan® to you as we save you thousands.

One of the biggest questions we get is how can we accomplish what other big banks or mortgage lenders cannot? We answer that question easily:

  • Low Overhead (office in Overland, MO)
  • We do not have loan officers working off commission

Stuck with a HELOC? We can HELP!

A Home Equity Line of Credit, often known as a HELOC, can trap you in a cycle of debt you can never climb out of. Initially they sound fantastic, using your home like a credit card where you can pay down other debts, or make purchases that can enrich your life. What they don’t tell you is it is incredibly hard to pay off the debt you will owe.

The first problem you face is the interest rate is adjustable. Meaning if that rate goes up, you will be paying off a lot more than you borrowed. Anyone who has ever tried to balance a budget for the month can understand why a changing interest rate would drive you up the wall. The second problem is HELOC’s are no longer tax deductible, so another added expense. If your home goes down in value, you could end up owing more than your home is even worth as well. HELOC’s can also have thousands of dollars in closing costs, which begs the question, is it even worth doing?

The smarter choice? A cash-out refinance. We have an entire page dedicated to explaining why this is the better option. I say you head over there and take a look. First, you can use The Bagel Loan®, which means there will be no closing costs or added fees. Second, you will receive one lump sum, and the rate is fixed. This means you can’t be buried by a fluctuating market. Seriously, go check out the page, you won’t be disappointed! Cash-out Refinance 

Stuart has helped many homeowners escape the misery of HELOC hell. Give him a call today or fill in our online contact form to find out more about our market-leading Bagel Loan®.

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